Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Businesses across the nation are making the switch to renewable energy. Reduce your energy costs and better the environment by powering your workspace, buildings, pools and hot water systems with solar energy. In 2016, our company was named the #1 Solar Contractor in Central Florida by Solar Power World

Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat your swimming pool. Improve your company’s green initiatives and start saving thousands each year by switching to commercial solar pool heating.

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Commercial Solar Hot Water

What can solar water heating do for your business? Make the solar switch and you can save 40 to 80% of the cost it takes to heat the water in your building.

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Commercial Solar Electric

Break free from rising electricity bills and become an environmentally-friendly company with photovoltaic solar electricity. Power your business with free electricity from the sun.

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Find Out How Much You Could Save by Switching to Solar

What Does Your Organization Pay for Electricity?




Pool owners can save thousands using solar and double the swim season. Call us for a free analysis.

The more you spend on electricity, the more we can save you.

Get Your Energy Bill Under Control

See how much you can save by taking our free energy audit.

Over 60,000 Installations Across Central Florida


Tanks of Propane

The CO2 emissions saved by our clients offsets the emissions of 2,541,602 tanks of Backyard Grill propane tanks every year.


Trees Planted

Our clients’ carbon offset is comparable to planting 1,564,063 seedlings every year and growing them for 10 years. This is also the amount of carbon sequestered by 49,999 acres of U.S. forests annually.


Cars Off the Road

The emissions offset by our clients is comparable to taking 12,842 cars off the road every year.

What People are Saying About Superior Solar

"Undoubtedly the most reliable and fair minded photovoltaic solar installers in the area."

C Crownover

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MEMBER Florida Solar Energy Industries Association

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