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Solar Electric for Your Home

Power your home for less. Experience freedom from rising electricity rates and greenhouse emissions with photovoltaic electricity.

Power Your Home for Less

res-how-it-works2.jpgPhotovoltaic solar modules convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Homeowners using these systems enjoy the financial freedom from rising electricity bills, and they experience the comfort and pride of bettering the planet. With numerous environmental and economic benefits, there is just no other electricity production system comparable to photovoltaic solar electricity.



Why Choose PV Solar?

  • Innovation and performance. Photovoltaic electricity has been the fastest growing energy technology over the last decade. The system comes with a 25 year warranty and is built to last decades.  
  • Return on investment. Installing solar in your home is one of the safest investments you can make. Superior Solar is now able to provide solar PV systems for less than what most people pay for utility-fed electricity. As electricity prices continue to rise, your PV system will continue to supply electricity at today's rates, and the savings will grow.  
  • Financing options. Our financing options and low energy costs make solar photovoltaic electric systems an affordable option for every homeowner.
  • Environmentally-friendly. PV systems use clean power and emit no pollution or greenhouse gasses. By choosing solar, you’re not only choosing to save money. You’re also helping protect the environment.
  • Tax Credit. PV electricity systems qualify for a 30% Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit from the government.

How it Works

Photovoltaic solar produces electricity by using solar cells to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Photons in sunlight hit the solar panel and are absorbed by semi-conducting materials. Negatively-charged electrons are knocked loose from their atoms. Due to the special chemical composition of solar cells, the electrons are only allowed to move in a single direction. IMG_1598_1.jpgThe chemical bonds of the material are vital for the process to work, and often silicon, bonded with boron or phosphorus is used in different layers. An array of solar cells converts solar energy into a usable amount of direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter then converts the newly-created DC power to alternating current (AC). This AC electricity can then be used to supply electricity to your household.

There are two primary types of PV systems - grid tied and stand alone. The most popular grid tied system is designed to operate with your utility company and any unused power is then fed back to the electric company to be used at a later time. Stand alone systems are designed to stand independent of the power grid and use batteries to store energy. Stand alone systems are usually used in remote locations away from the energy grid.  

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What people are saying about Superior Solar

After investigation and consultation with an individual involved in the renewable energy effort in the state of Florida we selected Superior Solar as our provider. They came highly recommended. We do not regret the decision and in turn highly recommend the firm. The entire process, from sales rep to installers was performed in a very professional manner. The company has honored every promise made during the sales and installation process. They are definitely customer service oriented. Our electric utility costs have been substantially reduced.

Mr. S. Didonna - Mt. Dora FL

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