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We Make Home Solar Energy Easy

In just a few simple steps, we’ll determine your energy needs and set you up with a solar energy system that’s right for you.

Aerial View of Solar Panels Installed on HomesStep 1: Phone Consultation

The first step is to speak to one of our Energy Specialists to see if solar is right for you. We'll discuss your expectations of a solar energy system, evaluate your house through satelite imagery, and review your best options. You can call us, fill out our contact form or stop in at our office to begin the process.

res-how-it-works2Step 2: Site Visit

An on-site visit is necessary to ensure every variable is accounted for prior to the design of your new solar energy system. A thorough site evaluation is critical for a successful design.

The most important piece of information in this phase is sun access. We will also take a look at your home’s mechanical and electrical systems. If the system is going in during construction or remodeling, a copy of the construction drawings would be a helpful addition to the on-site evaluation.

rear_elevation_4-1.jpgStep 3: System Design

With the information gathered from the site visit, our engineers will analyze the data collected. After determining the constraints and attributes of the site we will be able to match that data with hardware components that will maximize the energy output and efficiency of your new solar system. At the end of the design process we'll present you with complete design, including drawings, system specifications and a final quote.

Screen_Shot_2015-08-26_at_9.14.33_AMStep 4: Installation

Once we obtain the necessary permits and assemble your customized solar components, installation will begin. We will not overlook any detail during the installation of the new solar energy system. Our installation technicians are the most highly trained in the field. Our systems routinely outperform our competitors, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership in the business.  

The time it takes to install a solar system depends on the type and size of the system. Your sales consultant will be happy to give you a timetable for your particular system.

Residential Photovoltaic Solar Panels on two story home

Step 5: Start Saving

Once your installation is complete, look forward to lower energy costs. Whether you’ve had a solar electric installation, solar hot water, or a solar pool heating installation, your system will begin lowering your costs from the start. Your system will run with little to no maintenance and is covered under a strong warranty. If your system experiences any issues, our highly trained and certified technicians are available to service it 24/7.

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What people are saying about Superior Solar

We couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience with Superior Solar. Starting with David, and everyone else from the front office to the installers were amazing. We have hired over 20 contractors at our home over the course of the last few weeks, and I can sincerely share that Superior Solar was the best experience we had with any of our contractors. The workmanship was first class, and the results have been outstanding. I would encourage anyone who is considering hiring Superior Solar to confidently go ahead, and you will be as satisfied and impressed as we were.

B. Gombos

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